Is your life not as fulfilling as you’d like it to be? Do your relationships feel strained? Are you feeling overwhelmed by life? Are you experiencing anxiety or depression? Do you have trauma in your past that is impacting your present? Is your parenting strategy ineffective at producing wanted results?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, counseling at Healing Hearts may be a great option for you.

At Healing Hearts we offer clinically and biblically sound professional therapy to adults, children, adolescents, groups, couples, and families. We seek to help clients identify changes they’d like to make and equip them with the skills and insight needed to help them reach those goals. We also seek to draw on a person’s strengths and abilities to achieve healing and continued progress.

We have sought out extra training to not only treat adults, but children and adolescents as well. Children and teens are complex individuals with developing brains that require a different approach to counseling than adults do. We have the ability to treat children using play therapy, and work with the parents to establish healthy ways of relating to their children to impact change and positive growth.